You'll definitely ask, 

what does 

mini-split  means,   

and how do they work.

Mini - means you'll have small indoor unit hanging on the wall or ceiling and blowing cool fresh air in summer and warm air in winter. 
Ductless - means we don't have to break your walls to install duct work, which requires a lot of space, especially in older homes which were never structurally designed for central air. 

Why to choose:
- Energy efficient - Depending on house layout, mini splits usually less expensive comparing to standard forced air systems, giving higher efficiency at the same time. Not to mention, single zone units will give you up to 27 Seer (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), and up to 20 Seer in multi-zone applications. Fujitsu Energy Calculator
- Individual zoning - allows you to heat or cool specific areas, but not unoccupied rooms.
- Quiet operation for peaceful indoor environment.
- Come in several different indoor units for picky homeowners.

Ideal applications:
- Addition with vaulted ceilings (existing system is fine, but cannot handle the extra space)
- Master bedroom (you or your spouse like to freeze in the summer and bake in the winter).  There is no need to waste energy     heating or cooling the entire house for one room.
- Anywhere where people gather. If you like to entertain, keep in mind we all produce heat, so a crowded game room can turn into a sauna in minutes.
- Rooms with expensive, temperature sensitive items; i.e. computer mainframes, musical instruments, etc.  If you have an organ, a grand piano, or computer servers replacing the sound boards or data may cost more.
- Rustic, art deco, or antique in general homes.  If your floor is from the 1700s farmhouse, the expanded window is from the 1800s measuring 53.3 inches across with a beautiful mahogany frame and stained glass on top...  Whoever you pray to at night, putting a window unit in is sacrilege. 

Proper maintenance.
Once every 3-5 years the mini-split system accumulates dirt on the indoor unit (evaporator coil, fan, blade, drain pan). Aside from reducing the efficiency of the unit, it can actually cause improper operation, which can lead to outdoor unit damage. Mini-split components are very expensive  and have to be special ordered. So, a dirty system can end up being a large bill and a month without air conditioning. 

Further, accumulated dirt can clog the drain line, which is an easy fix, but if your air handler is suspended on the wall above expensive wood flooring and wall finishes, the final cost can be astronomical. Please, note: if you are proud owner of A Picasso Painting, please, do not hang it under the air handler under any circumstances :)

If your system does not work properly (air volume decreased significantly, error codes, evident dirt present behind the filters and on air louvers etc) your mini split may just need to be cleaned! Discounts available for multiple units.